Window Cleaning

Clear as crystal and streak free. That’s how your windows should look. Having perfectly clean windows enhances the overall appearance of your home and workplace – not to mention your view of the outdoors.

Our Process

Spotless Window Cleaning

We clean every single part of your window to make sure that there is no trace of dust or grime. Specifically, we are careful to thoroughly clean the screen, glass, railing, and sills.

Keep Your Home or Office Windows Crystal Clear

With Hybrid Pro, cleaning your windows is a breeze. We give free estimates and offer monthly, biweekly, and quartly maintenance services.

We can clean the windows on any kind of structure, including buildings and storefronts. In addition to traditional window cleaning, we employ waterfed pole cleaning to reach less accessible areas. We also have a special screen-cleaning device that we use to thoroughly clean your screens.

To save you a headache down the line, we meticulously document and report all damages that were previously on your windows.


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Whether you’d like the windows of your home to sparkle, or you’re interested in setting up a maintenance plan for your multi-story building, Hybrid-Pro is the way to go. Call us now for expert window cleaning services.


Window Cleaning

Our Service Minimum Is $150.00

Window Cleaning (1 Story,18 windows) Outside Only

Clean the exterior windows on your 1 story home. Up to 18 windows. Window screens included.


Window Cleaning (1 story, 18 windows) Outside & Inside

Clean Up to 18 windows in your home including tracks and sliding doors. Window screens included.


Window Cleaning (2 story, 25 Windows) Out Side Only

Outside winodows only. Window screens included


Window Cleaning (2 Story, 25 Windows) Inside & Out

Inside & window cleaning sills & Track Window Screens Up to 25 windows


Window Screens

Window screen washing


Our Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet starts out fresh and fluffy, but over time the stains and spots add up. Spills, oils, and food smears all can cause your carpet to appear worn out and tired. Hybrid-Pro will turn that around!

Tile & Hard Floor Cleaning

If you'd like to add some more elegance to your home, a great place to start is by deep cleaning your tiles and hard floor. When we are done cleaning your tiles and hard floor, they will be absolutely spotless.

Upholstery Cleaning

Did your furniture look beautiful a few years ago, but is now starting to look scuffed and dirty? Let Hybrid-Pro scrub off all that gunk and make your furniture sparkle again.

Window Cleaning

Nobody wants to look out at the world through a window smeared with dust and grime. When we clean your windows for you, they will be so clean - you will have a whole new perspective of the world.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Do you want more bang for your buck? Then get those grimy solar panels cleaned! Clean solar panels are much more efficient than dirty solar panels. Contact Hybrid-Pro to have us thoroughly clean your panels and save you money. 

Commercial Cleaning

At Hybrid-Pro we are experts at making commercial spaces meticulously clean. When we are done cleaning your workplace, both your employees and your customers will be impressed.

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Areas We Serve

Palmdale, Lancaster and Surrounding Areas

Acton, Antelope Acres, Castaic, Lancaster, Littlerock, Palmdale, Quartzhill, Rosamond, Santa Clarita

What Our Clients Say About Us

"Outstanding service! Super happy with how well Ruben was able to clean our carpets, they look so much brighter!! We have a dog and cats plus kids so our carpets have seen their fair share of stains and issues yet they look like new thanks to Ruben! He was very professional and did a great job, highly recommend his services!"

— Craig and Catherine Christ

"Ruben is always professional and does an amazing job. He’s very knowledgeable about keeping the carpet looking clean and very very good I did a pet odors out of carpet. I have two dogs and you would never know that after Ruben leaves. This is my second time booking with him, he has a loyal client in me."

— Mika Verrett

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